Freelance Work: Links for your enjoyment

We all have dreams; some big and some small. Some dreams need a kick in the butt and others just kind of evolve naturally. I’ve always dreamed of writing for a living; more than a hobby or an outlet. So, when I get recruited to do some freelance work – you had better believe I jump on it. It’s the “kick in the butt” I need to make my dream a reality. Below are a list of links to some of the works I’ve authored. It’s a wide range of writing; nostalgic, informative, and even review work for product testing. If you are looking to hire a writer, please contact me for a quote at

Darling Magazine has an amazing mission and vision that simply warms my heart. I’m currently working on pieces for their online blog. My most recent piece can be enjoyed here.

I guest-authored a piece on global motherhood for Buy the Change: a non-profit that makes and economic difference for women living in poverty where opportunity is scarce and exploitation is common. Check out my piece here:

Below is a link to publication pieces I’ve written for Bluewater; a remarkable company in Metro Detroit. Bluewater works with agencies, producers, exhibit houses, architects and consultants to create moving live event and technology experiences for strong brands: