About the Writer: Also known as Lo.

About me? Ha. Like, the “me” inside my head or the “me” in real life? Because, Lord have mercy, sometimes I feel like two different people. In my head, I’m an entertainer of sorts. I write for a living, I sing in coffee shops and play my guitar on park benches while I drink Chai Tea Lattes from the nearest cafe. My hair is purple, I’m covered in tattoos, and my fingertips are worn from the rocks I love to climb. I’m a Jesus-loving, relaxed, happy-go-lucky momma and wife; without a care in the world. You see, my head is a lovely place to be.

In real life, I’m a total basket case. My hair hasn’t touched a flat iron in weeks, my children are currently surviving off Lunchables and juice boxes, and I haven’t worn publicly acceptable clothing in a matter of months. My once-adoring husband looks at me like I’ve lost my damn mind (because most days I actually have) and the last time I relaxed with my guitar was sometime back in 2010.

At any rate, I’m funny and I’m brutally honest. I like to make people feel something – anything – when they read my words. That’s really all you need to know… That’s why I brought you here. Enjoy. 🙂